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Estudiante de cine


This is an initiative developed by FIACINE that began in 2017, and aims to achieve an important change in the film industry regarding gender equality, through the visibility of the work of women in the Ibero-American film industry. It also seeks to create actions that favor their participation in the sector.

The starting points were the forums around this topic within the framework of the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017 in Spain, which had the special participation of Anna Serner, spokesperson for the Swedish Film Institute and within the framework of the International Film Festival Film Festival of Cartagena (FICCI) of 2018 in Colombia.


Participation of Women in the Ibero-American Film Industry

The Federation announces these four studies carried out in collaboration with the academies that comprise it on the representation of women in the Ibero-American film industry.

In the studies, the data referring to the participation of women in the different work specialties of the federated academies and of the premieres of Ibero-American films are unified and analyzed. One of the objectives is to generate actions to increase the intervention of women in fields that have historically been occupied by men. 

Women in Short

This initiative is part of the FIACINE Women campaign, and consists of each year, the academies that make up the federation select a short film headed by a female director, to represent her country in international screenings organized by FIACINE. This project is presented annually and travels through the different countries of Ibero-America whose academies are part of the federation. It is an initiative that seeks to make visible and highlight the work of female directors in Ibero-America.

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